Javier Rengel

Senior Full-stack Engineer

BSc in Computer Engineering at Málaga University

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Email: javier@rengel.me, javier@coconauts.net

Website: Coconauts.net, Rengel.me

LinkedIn: Javier Rengel

Twitter: rephus

Github: https://github.com/rephus

Favourite technologies

Working experience

Pashi ( 2020-09 / 2021-05 )

I joined Pashi as a technical leader, I was in charge of maintaining, updating, bugfixing the main codebase, while I was building a brand new interface and backend for extending the compatibility of the product with multiple production line types, using no-code principles. I built a no-code report engine to visualize the status of the production line in realtime. I introduced tests and CI. On my first day, I dockerized all the different Go services for everyone to run it locally.

As the worker with more seniority, I introduced good startup practices, to improve our efficiency as a team. I was continuously doing tech talks even for non technical coworkers, and writting documentation of all different components of the product.


Stacker ( 2019-01 / - )

I joined Stacker as a full stack engineer at a very early stage, so we experienced some iterations in the product. It was a very challening and exciting product to work on, since the goal to allow non technical users to build their own apps was not an easy task; nor from the product point of view (no one has cracked the magic formula yet) or from a technical point of view. We had to design a very dynamic API that could not be tied to a specific schema or configuration, with several generic layers (like permissions or roles), as well as a data cache to keep it performant.


Lantum ( 2017-04 / 2019-01 )

Lantum hired me as a contractor to design, maintain their python microservice architecture on Kubernetes in AWS. Eventually I started also making changes to the frontend code built in Angular.


Network Locum ( 2015-12 / 2017-04 )

Smart team of people with different approaches to work. We all worked really hard on doing a codebase refactor in 6 weeks, defining and creating from scratch all the existing platform features in new Django, Flask docker microservices. We then shifted to a squads-based structure, and I joined the one in charge of the billing process.


Top10 ( 2013-05 / 2015-12 )

It was a small startup with a team of top-talent engineers, I had the chance to vastly improve my knowledge both in new technologies and good code practices.


Openbet Ltd. ( 2012-10 / 2013-05 )

While the codebase and project was not very flashy, I learned how it feels working in a large company with a large team and I also was introduced to agile (standups, code reviews)


Asesores Locales Consultoria S.A. ( 2009-07 / 2012-09 )

Asesores Locales was my first job as a developer. I started by learning some basics on JEE and web development, but fueled by my motivation, after the cuourse of my time there I ended up leading development of some projects, bringing new technology, and mentoring others (I was the official "innovator geek mind" in the company).



Personal projects

I am constantly playing with technology in my spare time, including not only application development but also hardware projects and games. You can see my full portfolio on Coconauts.net, and Github.com/rephus but some of the highlights include